• Cost: $$
  • Lifespan: 30- 75 years
  • Wind Resistance: 100 mph+
  • Composition: Metal Alloy, Copper, Steel, Zinc, or Aluminum
  • Advantages: Strong, Lightweight, Fireproof, Environmentally Friendly,
    Long Lifecycle, Resistant to Strong Winds
  • Disadvantages: Moderately Expensive Initial Cost

Metal Roofing in Raleigh

Metal Roofing is almost as old as recorded history. A copper metal roof was installed on the temple in Jerusalem as far back as 970 B.C. Metal became popular as a roofing material in the 18th Century when the English patented the process of corrugation which stiffened sheet iron so that it could span longer distances. The introduction of steel in the 20th century improved the viability of metal as a roofing material. Improvements in manufacturing and production lowered costs and gave more strength to lighter materials. Corrugated metal and stamped metal shingles gained popularity in early America. Some famous installations of metal roofing include; Jefferson’s “Monticello,” Princeton’s “Nassau Hall,” The Arch Street Meeting House in Philadelphia, as well as many courthouses across the new world.

Types of Metal Roofing North Carolina

Metals heavier than 30 gauge are considered sheet metal. Metals used in roofing are; galvanized steel, stainless steel, terne metal, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum, or other combination of alloys. Metal roofing can be expected to last several generations. As it ages, it can be maintained and coated to increase the lifecycle.

While copper, stainless steel, and zinc are naturally weathering materials, most steel and aluminum are coated with a silicon polyester Kynar coating. These coatings protect the steel from rust and provide an aesthetically pleasing finish. Metal is gaining popularity as a residential roofing material as the cost of asphalt shingles rise and the perception of metal roofing as a primarily commercial application decreases. It has already become the most popular roofing material in coastal areas where high winds make durability and protection the most important decision factors.

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