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Guarantee & Warranty


We stand behind our work with a promise of lasting quality and service, giving our customers complete peace of mind on their investment. We offer a Workmanship Labor Warranty with every new roof.

Product Warranties

Product warranties vary by manufacturer. Our sales team will discuss options with you and help you to make the best choice for your project.

Workmanship Labor Warranty

ROOFWERKS, INC. (hereafter warrantor) hereby warrants to the owner of the above referenced roof project, that the  same will not leak water due to faulty materials, improper application or as a result or ordinary weather conditions. This warranty shall be valid for a period of TEN (10) YEARS* from the date of completion of the project.

OBLIGATION OF THE WARRANTOR: In the event of leaks arising by some reason of faulty material or application, warrantor shall be responsible for supplying the necessary labor and material to stop the leak(s) and repair the impacted area to reasonably resemble the roof prior to the leak and repairs.

CONDITIONS: These warranties are expressly conditioned upon the following:

  1. The owner shall notify the warrantor of any leak, defect, failure or deficiency, which is discovered by owner within three (3) days of the discovery. If the leak, defect failure or deficiency is covered by this warranty, the warrantor shall then have the obligation to immediately inspect and repair the problem hereunder. If the leak, defect, failure, or deficiency is not covered by this warranty, the warrantor shall have the right to immediately inspect and repair the problem with owner’s written authorization and at the owner’s sole expense.
  2. Warrantor shall have the right to annually inspect the roof during term of warranty.
  3. Payment as per terms of the contract shall constitute the sole consideration for this warranty. If the owner shall fail to make payment in accordance with the terms of the contract, this warranty shall be void and have no further effect.

EXCLUSIONS: This warranty does not cover failure of the roofing job or deficiencies due to the following:

  1. Existing Skylights not replaced by Roofwerks during the Roof Replacement.
  2. Routine maintenance items such as sealant on counter flashings or exposed nails.
  3. Damage to the roofing, property, building, or contents caused by fire, settling, distortions, or other failure of the building, natural causes including floods, lightning, windstorms, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or extraordinary or unusual events.
  4. Damage to the roofing job from cracks or openings in the roof substrata, walls, partitions, foundations, etc.
  5. Vandalism, penetration, damages or attacks to the roof by third parties or foreign objects or agents including plant or animal life.
  6. Warrantor is not liable for wildlife entering the structure, including removal or remediation of damages incurred.
  7. Damage caused by alteration or addition to encroachment upon erection of structure on the roof or any use of the roof other than its original intended purpose. Changes in use of this building shall be subject to warrantors approval in writing.


  1. Warranty on skylights that are replaced during the Roof Replacement shall be limited to 10 Years per Manufacturer.
  2. No modifications of this warranty shall be effective unless in writing and approved by all parties.
  3. This warranty is transferable to a new owner should the property be sold, provided the warrantor is notified of said sale within thirty (30) days of the transfer.
  4. This warranty contains the sole and exclusive liability of warrantor for the roofing job and the application, maintenance and repair thereof. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES WRITTEN, ORAL, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PRACTICAL PURPOSE.
  5. This warranty shall not be effective unless executed by an authorized representative of the warrantor.

*Commercial warranties are covered by Roofwerks for the initial two (2) years and the manufacturer maintains the remainder of the warranty term.

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