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Solarwerks is the “solar” sister company of Roofwerks. Establishing our company as the only local 5-star Velux Skylight Contractor, we are able to provide skylight and sun tunnel installations in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, or anywhere else in North Carolina to fit the needs and specifications of any home or business.

Why Install Skylights and Sun Tunnels in Your Home?

Simply… skylights are beautiful. The natural light that a skylight provides is sure to beautify any room in your home. However, skylights are more than just an aesthetic enhancement. There are real and measurable benefits to installing a skylight. Skylights promote good health, are eco-friendly and energy efficient, are helpful in the ventilation of your home, and maintain privacy without obstructing natural light.

The natural light from skylights has been shown to improve both mental and physical health. In addition to promoting calm and relaxed feelings that brighten the mood, natural light from skylights promotes vitamin D production and ventilation from skylights helps to reduce illness-causing bacterial and fungal buildup. Natural light from a skylight can also lower blood pressure, reduce the effects of seasonal anxiety, and promote recovery after an illness or operation.

Since energy from the sun is a renewable resource, skylights are also an energy efficient. Natural light usage from a skylight will reduce the energy consumption of your home, lowering your electric bill. Your electric bill will further be eased by skylight ventilation providing a reduction in air conditioning or fan burden. If you are looking for a skylight installation company, Roofwerks is here to assist you with the planning and installation of your new skylight.

We Offer Commercial Skylights, Too!

Roofwerks can help you plan and install the perfect skylights! Artificial lighting is expensive and is one of the largest sources of energy consumption in commercial and industrial buildings. In any given year, the average cost of artificial lighting is about 40% of the building’s total energy consumption. When you hire Roofwerks to install your skylights, we’ll help reduce these costs by using natural light.

Skylights Are Great for Any Location

Skylights for Office Buildings

Did you know that offices and manufacturing centers can help decrease absenteeism, while increasing employee productivity?  According to The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research, in the United States, businesses lose more than $150 billion annually as a result of employee fatigue. Cutting down on employee absenteeism, while increasing productivity is another way your skylights, by Roofwerks, will pay for themselves!

Skylights for Retail Locations

Natural light in your retail location can lead to increased sales. According to a study by HMG, stores without skylights could increase sales by up to 40% if they installed skylights. Not only were customers more likely to spend more money in stores with skylights, but they became more loyal customers. On top of an increase in spending, employees in naturally lit buildings were absent less, had better customer service scores, and worked harder. All of these effects are just another reason you should consider natural skylights by Roofwerks.

Skylights for Schools

Schools are always looking for ways to improve education for their students and teachers. The Pacific Gas & Electric Company conducted a student performance study and found that students, in naturally lit environments, were able to progress faster in both math and reading tests than students in artificially lit environments. Aside from better student performance employee skylights can provide better work performance from school employees. Having skylights installed can also provide energy savings to school systems as well, allowing those school systems to up more funds for educational needs.

Skylights for Hospitals

Natural light has positive health effects for patients in hospitals. Studies conducted by the Center for Health Design, in Concord, California, showed that better lighting and access to natural light can shorten hospital stays. In some cases, lack of daylight, along with other factors, can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder. The good news is that skylights can increase natural light in your hospital, which will not only save your health system money on energy costs, but may help your patients get better sooner.

Why Velux?

Roofwerks installs quality, sustainable products with every roofing project. We chose Velux as our primary product line for Solarwerks for many reasons. For more than 75 years Velux has been the world leader in roof windows and skylights. Having the highest quality standards and exhaustive testing protocols, they ensure their products are built to last. Velux also offers a wide variety of products to choose from including roof windows and modular skylights, as well as a range of decorative elements and innovative Smart Home options. All these things considered, Solarwerks believes that Velux values their customers and shares in our commitment to provide the best products with the best service.

*For more information on the products we provide, see our Solarwerks page on the Velux website.

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