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Skylight Installation & Repair

The natural light that skylights provide is magical. It adds beauty to any property, along with energy savings and other valuable benefits. Natural light is energy efficient and eco-friendly, while promoting good health, and helping homeowners maintain privacy. In addition, certain tax credits may be available for installing skylights in your home.

Roofwerks is a sister company of Solarwerks, a certified Velux skylight contractor that provides professional skylight installation. Our team will work closely with you to design and install skylights that fit the needs and specifications of your home.

Roofwerks is a full service residential roofing contractor located in North Carolina. We work with homeowners in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and the surrounding area to repair and maintain roofs, replace roofs, install ventilation systems, install and repair gutters, and install skylights. Whatever your roof needs, Roofwerks is here to help.


Skylights are safe! We offer laminated glass for any skylight out-of-reach; installed above 8 feet. This lamination acts as a safety measure to prevent glass from falling into the home if the pane were to break.

Absolutely! skylights can be installed to replace existing skylights, whether or not your original skylight is still available today. In many cases, your skylight can be replaced in just a few hours! Contact us today to get an estimate.

When skylights first came out, they were prone to leaks which gave them a bad name. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, skylights are manufactured with a three-layer water protection that prevents any leaks. Our Velux brand skylights carry an installation warranty to all products installed with a Velux skylight flashing systems.

All products with solar-powered components qualify for the federal tax credit under “Solar Electric Property” expenditures when purchased and installed from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2021. These products include:

  • Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights
  • Manual “Fresh Air” Skylights with factory-installed solar-powered blinds
  • Fixed Skylights with factory-installed solar-powered blinds
  • Residential Rigid Sun Tunnels with Solar Night Lights
  • Solar Powered Blinds

Yes, we are fully insured with General Liability, Workman’s Compensation, Automobile Liability, and Excess Liability specifically for roofing. Many companies that offer roofing services carry less expensive insurance policies for other trades even though they are doing roof work. (i.e., gutters or masonry) A homeowner or business owner can be at extreme risk if an accident occurs, and the contractor is performing work that is not covered by the appropriate insurance. Customers should request an insurance certificate directly from the insured’s insurance company to ensure there is appropriate coverage in force. Several years ago, Roofwerks took over a large project because the previous company was not properly insured. The parking brake on a work vehicle was not engaged and the vehicle rolled downhill into a garage. The homeowner was on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars to repair the damage.

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Sendak Residence Skylight, Durham, NC

Homeowner wanted to bring in more natural light to a dark interior room. She had trees removed to improve the light, but didn’t achieve the results she wanted. Roofwerks installed three skylights.

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