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Residential roofs in Raleigh, and the rest of North Carolina, take a beating. We can have incredibly hot summers that bring strong storms and extreme heat, sometimes in the same week. Our winters can be equally as harsh. When the environment starts to take a toll on your roof, the expert roofing contractors at Roofwerks are on call to make sure your roof doesn’t fall into disrepair.

Here are the most common causes of roof leaks:

  • Lack of maintenance: The failure to inspect a roof for damage and deterioration, especially following high winds or other severe weather, is one of the primary causes of premature roof failure. Missing, loose or buckled shingles, leaking vents and clogged guttering can all lead to major problems in the long run.
  • Aging:All roofing materials break down at a rate dependent on climate and weather conditions. In general, organic roofing material (such as wood) tends to break down faster than inorganic materials (asphalt, concrete tile, metal, etc.).
  • Flashing problems:The most vulnerable part of a roof is the flashing. Flashing bridges the gap between roofing materials and roof projections. Loose or cracked flashing can allow large amounts of water to penetrate your roofing material.
  • Poor design and/or workmanship:Many roof problems are a result of poor design or faulty construction. These can often be minimized or eliminated with an inspection and regular maintenance.

We understand that roof leaks are frustrating and often occur when you least expect them. Let Roofwerks take away the frustration! Our service department is staffed with trained crews to investigate and promptly repair residential roof leaks. Our crews thoroughly investigate the leak from both the attic space and the roof, leaving you with the peace-of-mind that everything was appropriately assessed. You may feel apprehensive about letting people into your home, however with Roofwerks we ensure you that our crews are regularly drug tested, background checked, and highly trained professionals. We want your experience with Roofwerks to be as stress-free as possible!

Our other residential Raleigh roofing services include:

Whatever your roof needs, Roofwerks is here to help. 

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Roof Repair Company in Raleigh NC Roofwerks Roofing Contractor

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