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Residential Roof Repair

When your roof is damaged by a storm, begins to leak or shows signs of wear, you need a professional roofing contractor to quickly assess the damage and make quality repairs.

Roofwerks understands the frustration and anxiety that roof leaks can cause — and the importance of acting quickly. Our service department will promptly dispatch a trained roofing expert to your home to investigate the roof damage and promptly repair any leaks.

Common causes of roof leaks
  • Lack of Maintenance: A common mistake that homeowners make is failing to routinely inspect their roof for damage and deterioration, especially following severe weather events. Missing, loose or buckled shingles, leaking vents, and clogged gutters create problems that can cause roofs to prematurely fail.
  • Aging: All roofing materials eventually break down over time, based on climate and weather conditions. Typically, organic roofing materials (such as wood) break down faster than asphalt, metal and concrete tile roofs.
  • Flashing Problems: The most vulnerable part of a roof is the flashing, a thin piece of metal that is installed around vents, chimneys and skylights to prevent leaks. The flashing directs water away from vulnerable areas. Loose or cracked flashing can allow water to penetrate your roof.
  • Poor Design and Workmanship: Many roof problems are the result of poor design or faulty construction. You can identify and eliminate these issues by having your roof inspected and regularly maintained.

Keep your roof in great shape with our Annual Maintenance Plan.

Roofwerks is a full service residential roofing contractor located in North Carolina. We work with homeowners in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and the surrounding area to repair and maintain roofs, replace roofs, install ventilation systems, install and repair gutters, and install skylights. Whatever your roof needs, Roofwerks is here to help.

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