Ventilation For Roofing Systems

Ventilation is a combination of intake and exhaust vents that creates a flow of air in the attic space of a home. Soffit Vents and Ridge vents are most effective form of ventilation in most roofing systems and are endorsed by the Federal Housing Authority and all major roofing manufacturers. This system creates year round benefits including cooler attics in warm temperatures and drier attics in cooler temperatures. In the summer, warm air is pulled through the exhaust vent preventing it from migrating to the living area and decreasing energy costs. In the winter, moist air is pulled through the exhaust vent preventing condensation in the attic that could otherwise damage wood and lead to mildew and mold.

Proper ventilation will ensure that your roofing system will attain its maximum life cycle. Poorly ventilated roof systems will cause the following:

  • Increased wear on the roof system — resulting in unnecessary, expensive roof replacement.
  • Increased moisture in the attic — resulting in Mildew and Mold.
  • Low energy efficiency — resulting in High Heating and Cooling Costs.

Some roof systems will not accommodate a ridge and soffit vent system due to lack of soffit area or lack of adequate ridge area. Roofwerks’ team of roofing professionals can provide alternate ventilation methods to suit the needs of your particular home. Some of these alternatives consist of power ventilators, static vents, wall vents, and even custom made vented drip edge metal.

We offer several different roofing services in Raleigh and the surrounding area:

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