Residential Gutter Installation & Repair in North Carolina

Gutters are one of the most underrated components in the total roof system. The primary purpose of gutters are to transfer precipitation runoff from the roof to a desirable location on your property. Properly installed gutters prevent ground erosion and bigger problems such as foundation problems and wet basements. More recently, gutters have gained attention as an architectural detail to enhance curb appeal. Builders and homeowners alike have embraced a mix of colors and textures to create distinct architectural styles.

Gutter Options For Residential Customers in NC

The most popular gutter available is the Aluminum Ogee or K-Style gutter. Often referred as seamless gutters because they are fabricated on-site and don’t have any seams from one corner of the home until another. Traditionally the seamless gutter was only available in 5” on most residential properties, however, 6” is gaining popularity due to its larger size and increased water carrying properties. Seamless gutters are very desirable due to their low cost, rust- aluminum construction, and seamless nature.

The other gutter alternative is ½ Round. These are available in a number of different metals such as copper, aluminum, and galvanized steel. Copper is the most popular, but Aluminum has gained favor due to the lower price point. ½ Round gutters are the oldest form of gutters and provide a great option for the most discerning customers. These gutters require a high level of craftsmanship due their complexity. Typically these are shop formed in 10-20 foot lengths requiring soldered seams. Different fascia and crown moulding details require knowledge of appropriate hanger systems.

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As with any roof component, the most important factor is the installation. Gutters require proper installation to insure proper drainage. Roofwerks’ professionals are trained to install and maintain all gutter systems. Just as important is ensuring that the gutters remain of debris and flowing properly. You may consider a gutter guard or leaf protection device. There are hundreds of these on the market. A Roofwerks’ associate can guide you to find the right solution for your home.

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Gutter Installation in Raleigh NC Roofwerks
Gutter Installation in Raleigh NC Roofwerks

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