Multifamily Roof Replacements

If you’re a multi-family property manager, you may reach a point where you’ll have to weigh your roof repair and replacement options. While repair may seem like the budget-friendly choice, it’s not always the most cost-effective one.

With a roof that’s less than 10 years old without a history of repair issues, it usually makes sense to go with repairs. An exception would be extensive storm damage that goes beyond the surface and affects multiple areas. Repairs can be coupled with corrections to other minor issues with a roof, including clogged or damaged gutters, caulking repaired around protrusions or flashings, and replacement or repair of fascia boards. Roof replacement may become necessary if repairs become frequent.

Roof replacement is recommended when the damage extends below the roof’s surface layer, the shingles are “balding” due to loss of their granule layer, or the roof is more than 20-25 years old. The other roof replacement issue we typically run into is the existing roof was poorly installed or not installed to code. As a multi-family roofing company, Roofwerks is familiar with the conditions that are common amongst roofs in the area. We can perform an assessment of the entire community and offer suggestions on what options provide the best overall value.

Although replacement is a bigger investment, you’ll likely see long-term benefits with fewer repairs and an increased energy efficiency from the higher quality materials used, especially when older roofs are replaced.

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