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Roof Repair

Even a minor leak can cause major headaches for residents and property managers in multi-family communities — especially if it is not discovered and repaired quickly. No matter when a roof leak happens, our skilled roofing experts will be available to quickly identify the cause and make needed repairs to minimize the damage and disruptions.

Roofwerks has years of experience working with the multi-family industry. We understand the specific needs of property management companies, apartment complexes, and homeowners’ associations. That’s why we are committed to making roof repairs on time and with minimal disruption to your residents.

  • Severe weather events (heavy winds and hail)
  • Impacts from fallen tree limbs and other debris
  • Aging roofs
  • Mold, mildew, and wood rot caused by moisture buildup
  • Faulty construction / improper roof materials

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Roofwerks is a full service commercial roofing contractor located in North Carolina. We work with a variety of multi-family housing providers in North Carolina, including apartment owners, homeowners’ associations, and property management services. Our professional roofing services include multi-family roof repairs, multi-family roof replacement, and multi-family roof inspections.

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