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Roof Replacements

If you manage a multi-family property, you will eventually face an important decision: to repair your roof or replace it. And while repair may seem like the right choice for your budget, it’s not always the most cost-effective decision in the long run. A quality roof replacement often brings long-term benefits, including improved energy efficiency and fewer maintenance and repair issues.

If your roof is less than 10 years old and has no history of repair issues, it usually makes sense to repair it. The one exception — if you’ve experienced extensive storm damage that goes beyond the surface and affects multiple areas of the roof.

Repairs and maintenance, such as clearing clogged gutters, repairing the caulking around flashings, replacing fascia boards, can extend the life of your roof, but replacement may become necessary if repairs become more frequent.

A roof replacement is recommended when the damage extends below the roof’s surface layer, the shingles are “balding,” or the roof is more than 20-25 years old. Another common issue that requires roof replacement is when an existing roof was poorly installed or not installed to code.

Roofwerks specializes in roofing for multi-family developments. Let us perform an assessment of your entire community and offer suggestions on what roofing options will provide you with the best overall value.

Roofwerks is a full service commercial roofing contractor located in North Carolina. We work with a variety of multi-family housing providers in North Carolina, including apartment owners, homeowners’ associations, and property management services. Our professional roofing services include multi-family roof repairs, multi-family roof replacement, and multi-family roof inspections.

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