Multifamily Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are necessary for the long-term maintenance and budget planning for multi-family communities. If you own or manage multi-family property you are rightfully concerned about keeping it protected and safe, and of course maintaining its value.

Contrary to popular belief, following a bout of severe weather isn’t the only time to have your North Carolina roof inspected. We recommend roof inspections as a part of your regular maintenance program to ensure your multi-family roofs are aging properly. When our Roofwerks’ crews make the trip out to your community to complete a community roof inspection, some of the things they will look for include:

  • Damaged and missing shingles
  • Debris on the roof
  • Flashing issues
  • Deteriorated sealant or caulking
  • Appropriate ventilation for roof size
  • Drainage and gutter issues

A roof inspection can lengthen the life of the roof by detecting and repairing the small issues before they become more costly issues in the future. Roof inspections offer a current diagnosis of your roofing needs and include the most cost-effective recommendations for repairs or replacements.

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Roof Repair Company in Raleigh NC Roofwerks Roofing Contractor

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