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About Solarwerks

Solarwerks is a sister company of Roofwerks that focuses exclusively on installing skylights and sun tunnels. As the only five-star Velux Skylight Contractor in the Raleigh/Durham/Cary region, you can trust Solarwerks to professionally install skylights and sun tunnels at your home or business.

The natural light that skylights provide is magical. It adds beauty to any property, along with energy savings and other valuable benefits.


Solarwerks works closely with homeowners to design and install skylights that fit your lighting needs and perfectly match the style of your home. The natural light provided by skylights is energy efficient and eco-friendly, while promoting good health and helping homeowners maintain privacy.

Certain tax credits may be available for installing skylights in your home.

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Solarwerks works closely with business owners and property managers to evaluate commercial buildings for opportunities to add natural light through skylights. We will review options with you and ensure the skylights you select are properly installed to achieve maximum energy savings.

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The Advantage of Skylights: Lower Energy Consumption and Reduced Costs

Artificial lighting is expensive. It is one of the largest sources of energy consumption in commercial and industrial buildings, accounting for approximately 40 percent of a building total energy consumption.

Skylights are an attractive and affordable way to add natural light and reduce your energy consumption. In a properly designed building, you can reduce your artificial lighting by up to 80 percent, allowing you to recoup the cost of skylights in two years or less.

Research suggests that the natural light provided by skylights delivers additional benefits to a variety of business. Natural light can reduce employee fatigue in office settings, increase sales in retail stores, help students learn better in school, and deliver healthy benefits to hospital patients.


Solarwerks is committed to installing the quality, sustainable skylight and sun tunnel products. Velux was selected as our featured skylight provider because it shares those values. For 75 years, Velux has been a world leader in roof windows and skylights. It offers a wide variety of quality products that are built to last, including roof windows, modular skylights, and innovative Smart Home options. For more information on our skylight products, visit the Solarwerks page on the Velux website.

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