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Full Time: Roofing Foreman

Position Purpose and Objectives

A roofing foreman is responsible for leading a roofing crew to perform work safely and productively per specifications and to the standards of the company and customer, as well as:

  • Provide leadership to a crew—fostering safety, teamwork and discipline—resulting in efficient and professional roofing installation
  • Effectively manage labor, materials, equipment and administrative work

Specific Duties, Functions and Responsibilities of the Job

  • Lead a crew to install or repair roof systems efficiently and safely
  • Providing regular coaching, training, evaluation and feedback
  • Influence crew to work safely and be disciplined and efficient
  • Examine roof and penetrations to plan jobs, and strategically assign and allocate work to crew members, taking their desires, skills and temperaments into consideration
  • Communicate and manage job-specific safety plans prior to the start of every job, conducting job-site audits and making alterations as conditions change
  • Be an active participant or leader of weekly safety meetings
  • Perform installation duties as necessary
  • Meet production and quality goals
  • Plan daily work goals to complete jobs on time, striking an appropriate balance between speed and quality
  • Manage work flow of crew
  • Ensure quality of repair or installation according to specifications and plans
  • Keep projects on budget
  • Solve field application problems with a minimum amount of supervision, notifying salesperson or supervisor when a specified installation is not possible
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Know when customers have communicated specific concerns or requests and make every effort to honor their instructions
  • Manage job sites, equipment and materials
  • Maintain a jobsite that complies with all safety guidelines
  • Enforce safety regulations with everyone on a job site, including visitors and customers
  • Inspect safety equipment and PPE before use each day
  • Ensure roofs are safe and watertight at the end of each day, materials and equipment are stored safely and a fire watch is in place if necessary
  • Exhibit exemplary responsiveness and personal leadership with all field and office personnel
  • Communicate regularly with supervisor regarding work and personnel issues
  • Supervise crew time sheets
  • Record work performed daily
  • Requisition materials and keep accurate materials and equipment reports
  • Participate in operations and customer meetings as necessary

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Work Skills – Foremen must exhibit basic communication and roofing skills necessary to manage the complex task of roof system installation / repairs.

  • Ability to identify specific types of roofing materials and implement proper installation and repair methods.
  • Ability to use all hand tools associated with roofing installation including simple hand tools and specific roofing related tools.
  • Ability to identify safety hazards on project sites and take corrective measures to eliminate or reduce risks associated with those hazards.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both in written and oral communications with crew members and residential department. The ability to listen is a critical aspect of communications.
  • Capable of taking constructive criticism and learning from mistakes.
  • Physical ability to lift and maneuver heavy weighted objects including materials and equipment.
  • Ability to work at heights as well as access heights from a ladder.
  • Quality – attention to detail and quality assurance of project and crew members
  • Productivity – demonstrates the ability to meet and exceed standards, works quickly and accurately
  • Cost consciousness – understands budgeting and implications to jobs
  • Technology – the ability to use computers, phones and other relevant technology tools
  • Roof system installation / repairs – the ability to execute and teach others to execute roof system installation / repair skills
  • Safety and security – the ability to identify and correct unsafe conditions according to company and OSHA standards, using equipment and materials appropriately

Relational Interaction – Foremen must be able to thrive in a dynamic, interactive environment.

Leadership, Management and Teamwork – Foremen must be able to work well with others and within a company system.

  • Leadership – motivates others to perform
  • Management – ability to juggle schedules, details and outcomes
  • Teamwork– desire to work with others to accomplish goals

Excellent and competitive benefit package including:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • 401k
  • and more!!!

Salary dependent upon experience.