Exceptional Roofing Services

With an eye for excellence and a passion for providing excellent customer service, Roofwerks continues to be the #1 Roofing Contractor in Raleigh and beyond. Our company strives on creating happy spaces for homeowners and businesses alike. Whether you’re looking for a $1,000 or $1,000,000 project, Roofwerks makes it all about YOU. We offer an array of services for every type of customer and project; and they’re all tailored to each individual customer.


We stand behind our work with a promise of lasting quality and service, giving our customers complete peace of mind on their investment. We offer a Workmanship Labor Warranty with every new roof.


ROOFWERKS, INC. (hereafter warrantor) hereby warrants to the owner of the above referenced roof project, that the same will not leak water due to faulty materials, improper application or as a result or ordinary weather conditions. This warranty shall be valid for a period of (5,10, or 25 YEARS) from the date of completion of the project.

OBLIGATION OF THE WARRANTOR: In the event of leaks arising by some reason of faulty material or application, warrantor shall be responsible for supplying the necessary labor and material to stop the leak(s).

CONDITIONS: These warranties are expressly conditioned upon the following:

  1. The owner shall notify the warrantor of any leak, defect, failure or deficiency, which is discovered by owner within three (3) days of the discovery. If the leak, defect failure or deficiency is covered by this warranty, the warrantor shall then have the right to immediately inspect and repair the problem hereunder. If the leak, defect, failure, or deficiency is not covered by this warranty, the warrantor shall have the right to immediately inspect and repair the problem with owner’s written authorization and at the owner’s sole expense.
  2. Applicator shall have the right to annually inspect the roof during term of warranty.
  3. Payment as per terms of the contract shall constitute the sole consideration for this warranty. If the owner shall fail to make payment in accordance with the terms of the contract, this warranty shall be void and have no further effect.

EXCLUSIONS: This warranty does not cover failure of the roofing job or deficiencies due to the following:

  1. Existing Skylights not replaced by Roofwerks during the Roof Replacement.
  2. Routine maintenance items such as sealant on counter flashings or exposed nails.
  3. Damage to the roofing, property, building, or contents caused by fire, settling, distortions, or other failure of the building, natural causes including floods, lightning, windstorms, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or extraordinary or unusual events.
  4. Damage to the roofing job from cracks or openings in the roof substrata, walls, partitions, foundations, etc.
  5. Vandalism, penetration, damages or attacks to the roof by third parties or foreign objects or agents including plant or animal life.
  6. Warrantor is not liable for wildlife entering the structure, including removal or remediation of damages incurred.
  7. Damage caused by alteration or addition to encroachment upon erection of structure on the roof or any use of the roof other than its original intended purpose. Changes in use of this building shall be subject to warrantor’s approval in writing.


  1. Warranty on skylights that are replaced during the Roof Replacement shall be limited to 10 Years per Manufacturer.
  2. No modifications of this warranty shall be effective unless in writing and approved by all parties.
  3. This warranty is transferable to a new owner should the property be sold, provided the warrantor is notified of said sale within thirty (30) days of the transfer.
  4. This warranty contains the sole and exclusive liability of warrantor for the roofing job and the application, maintenance and repair thereof. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES WRITTEN, ORAL, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PRACTICAL PURPOSE.
  5. This warranty shall not be effective unless executed by an authorized representative of the warrantor.

Types of Roofing Projects

At Roofwerks, we work on a number of different types of roofs for our customers, for a number of different reasons. Whether your roof has suffered damage from a storm or just because of age and normal wear & tear, we’ll evaluate your needs and find the best solution at the most affordable price. We work on the following types of residential roofs:

Tile Roofing

Slate Roofing

Metal Roofing

Wood Roofing

Asphalt Shingles

-And More!


Gutter Installation & Repair

Gutters are one of the most underrated components in the total roof system. The primary purpose of gutters are to transfer precipitation runoff from the roof to a desirable location on your property. Properly installed gutters prevent ground erosion and bigger problems such as foundation problems and wet basements. More recently, gutters have gained attention as an architectural detail to enhance curb appeal. Builders and homeowners alike have embraced a mix of colors and textures to create distinct architectural styles.

Gutter Options

The most popular gutter available is the Aluminum Ogee or K-Style gutter. Often referred as seamless gutters because they are fabricated on-site and don’t have any seams from one corner of the home until another. Traditionally the seamless gutter was only available in 5” on most residential properties, however, 6” is gaining popularity due to its larger size and increased water carrying properties. Seamless gutters are very desirable due to their low cost, rust- aluminum construction, and seamless nature.

The other gutter alternative is ½ Round. These are available in a number of different metals such as copper, aluminum, and galvanized steel. Copper is the most popular, but Aluminum has gained favor due to the lower price point. ½ Round gutters are the oldest form of gutters and provide a great option for the most discerning customers. These gutters require a high level of craftsmanship due their complexity. Typically, these are shop formed in 10-20 foot lengths requiring soldered seams. Different fascia and crown molding details require knowledge of appropriate hanger systems.

Contact Roofwerks For Professional Gutter Installation

As with any roof component, the most important factor is the installation. Gutters require proper installation to insure proper drainage. Roofwerks’ professionals are trained to install and maintain all gutter systems. Just as important is ensuring that the gutters remain of debris and flowing properly. You may consider a gutter guard or leaf protection device. There are hundreds of these on the market. A Roofwerks’ associate can guide you to find the right solution for your home. Please contact us online or give us a call at 919-852-2660 to set up an appointment, or just stop by our office in Raleigh, NC.


Roof Protection Plan

Your Raleigh roof system is the first level of defense protecting your biggest investment. Roof Leaks can cause severe damage and result in costly downtime. Annual Maintenance is critical to getting the most out of your investment. Professional North Carolina Roofing Companies like Roofwerks are experienced in evaluating roofs and looking for potential trouble spots. The Roof Protection Plan from Roofwerks includes:

  • Remove debris from roofs
  • Inspect for damage such as holes or tears
  • Inspect membrane seams for proper securement
  • Inspect flashings to ensure proper attachment
  • Seal exposed fasteners or nails
  • Provide estimates for any major repairs needed

Roof Debris and Vegetation Removal

The Raleigh, Durham, and Cary area of North Carolina have beautiful trees. We are named the City of Oaks for a reason! However, these trees that make Raleigh such an attractive area to live are a nuisance to our roof systems. Debris and fallen leaves puncture the roof, trap moisture, and clog drains. This debris will shorten the roof system lifespan and likely lead to a leak. Roofwerks offers Raleigh, Durham, and Cary roof debris removal.

Prepare Your Roof from Storm Damage

Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and much of Eastern North Carolina are consistently in the path of storms moving up the East Coast. These storms are often accompanied by high winds and heavy rain. It is imperative to make sure your Raleigh roof is ready to take the abuse. Roofwerks’ can ensure there are no loose objects, missing or unsecured flashings, or other issues that may make your roof more vulnerable to storm damage. A little preparation can prevent a lot of despair and save thousands of dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make sure my contractor is insured?

Absolutely. Any Joe-Contractor can provide you with a photocopy of insurance. This does not prove anything other than the fact that he or she can use a copy machine. For all you know, he could have had insurance in the past but let it lapse in order to save a few dollars. You are now at risk if someone is hurt on your property or if workmanship issues lead to damage to your property. Roofing is a dangerous occupation and likewise results in expensive insurance requirements. Contractors often carry General Liability on their premises only or for occupations other than roofing. This type of coverage does not provide any protection to you, the homeowner. The only way you can be assured that a contractor is properly covered is to request an insurance certificate from the Insurance Company that names you on the policy. To obtain a certificate for Roofwerks, please contact Triangle Insurance at (919) 792-1680.

What is drip edge?

Drip edge is a perimeter flashing metal that protects the fascia and prevents wind-blown rain from getting under the shingles. As water runs off the roof, the process known as capillary action causes the water to adhere to the shingle and wick underneath to the plywood sheathing and fascia board. You can experiment with capillary action by attempting to pour water out of a glass. You will notice that water tends to hug the side of the glass rather than pour away from it. Drip edge is an inexpensive way to protect from expensive repairs down the road.

Why do I need ventilation?

Ventilation is crucial to the performance of a roof system. Ventilation eliminates heat, moisture, ice dams, and prevents mold. Proper ventilation will maximize the efficiency of your home and reduce heating and cooling costs. All major shingle manufacturers recommend adequate attic ventilation. The preferred method of ventilation is a combination of intake and exhaust achieved through the use of soffit and ridge vents.

How long will my shingles last?

This depends on the shingles and the climate. Today’s shingles carry warranties ranging from 20 years to lifetime. Generally speaking, you can expect the shingle to last within 5 years of the warranty period. For example, you might expect a shingle with a 30-year warranty to have a serviceable life of 25 years. The harsher the climate, the shorter the lifespan of the shingle roof system. Our South Eastern Climate is tough on roofs due to our high humidity, warm temperatures, and temperature fluctuation. It is not uncommon for roofs in our area to fluctuate 60 degrees in a 12-hour time period. These drastic temperature changes create addition stress on the roof system.

What is the difference between a woven and cut valleys?

A woven valley is a traditional method of installing shingles in the valley by interlacing the shingles as you go up the roof. This method is fine when installing the traditional strip shingles. However, it creates a problem with Architectural shingles. These shingles are thicker, and the weave causes them to “bridge” the valley resulting in a condition that allows water to migrate underneath the shingles. The cut valley prevents this condition and provides a cleaner aesthetic appearance.

What would cause a leak in my bathroom?

More than likely, you have a plumbing vent flashing boot that has failed. Our building codes require plumbing pipes that are designed to remove gases from our sewage systems. These pipes generally exit through the roof. They are kept watertight by installing a plumbing vent flashing boot at the point where this pipe exits the roof. UV rays will degrade the neoprene seal leading to a crack that will allow water to enter the house. Water will then run down the pipe and show itself on the bathroom ceiling.

Why am I experiencing shingles blowing off?

There are several possible reasons that you are experiencing shingle loss. One is that the roof system is nearing the end of its life cycle. As the roof ages, the asphalt dries out making the shingle brittle and more susceptible to coming off. The second is improper fastening or misalignment such as “high-nailing.” In this situation, the fasteners were installed in the wrong part of the shingle which has a lower tear resistance.

Will Algae damage the roof?

No, Algae has no proven effect on shingle life.

What are the black streaks/stains on my roof?

Algae. Algae is a plant like organism that attaches itself to the roof. It is more prevalent in areas with high humidity.

What is the difference between an Architectural or Dimensional shingle vs. a standard shingle?

The most commonly known shingles are the 3-tab or strip shingle that has a flat appearance on the roof. An Architectural or Dimensional shingle has an additional layer of shingle material laminated on top to provide a more interesting appearance on the roof. Architectural shingles typically have a more substantial warranty than standard strip shingles.