What is drip edge?

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Drip edge is a perimeter flashing metal that protects the fascia and prevents wind blown rain from getting under the shingles. As water runs off of the roof, the process known as capillary action causes the water to adhere to the shingle and wick underneath to the plywood sheathing and fascia board. You can experiment

Why do I need ventilation?

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Ventilation is crucial to the performance of a roof system. Ventilation eliminates heat, moisture, ice dams, and prevents mold. Proper ventilation will maximize the efficiency of your home and reduce heating and cooling costs. All major shingle manufacturers recommend adequate attic ventilation. The preferred method of ventilation is a combination of intake and exhaust achieved

How long will my shingles last?

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This depends on the shingles and the climate. Today’s shingles carry warranties ranging from 20 years to lifetime. Generally speaking, you can expect the shingle to last within 5 years of the warranty period. For example, you might expect a shingle with a 30 year warranty to have a serviceable life of 25 years. The

What is the difference between a woven and cut valleys?

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A woven valley is a traditional method of installing shingles in the valley by interlacing the shingles as you go up the roof. This method is fine when installing the traditional strip shingles. However, it creates a problem with Architectural shingles. These shingles are thicker and the weave causes them to “bridge” the valley resulting

What would cause a leak in my bathroom?

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More than likely, you have a plumbing vent flashing boot that has failed. Our building codes require plumbing pipes that are designed to remove gases from our sewage systems. These pipes generally exit through the roof. They are kept watertight by installing a plumbing vent flashing boot at the point where this pipe exits the

Why am I experiencing shingles blowing off?

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There are several possible reasons that you are experiencing shingle loss. One is that the roof system is nearing the end of its life cycle. As the roof ages, the asphalt dries out making the shingle brittle and more susceptible to coming off. The second is improper fastening or misalignment such as “high-nailing.” In this

What is the difference between an Architectural or Dimensional shingle vs. a standard shingle?

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The most commonly known shingles are the 3-tab or strip shingle that has a flat appearance on the roof. An Architectural or Dimensional shingle has an additional layer of shingle material laminated on top to provide a more interesting appearance on the roof. Architectural shingles typically have a more substantial warranty than standard strip shingles.

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